Leah Misemer and I co-edited issue 3.1 of iNKS: The Journal of the Comics Studies Society! Thanks to Jared Gardner, Qiana Whitted, and all of the iNKS folks for making this happen.
This issue provides new readings of underground comix that revise our understandings of the period, the term, the creators, etc. You’ll find articles by Leah Misemer, Josh Kopin, Aaron Kashtan, Lara Saguisag, and myself. You can read the beginning of the introduction by Misemer and myself to get a sense of the stakes.

Inside “The Counterpublics of Underground Comics” issue, you’ll find these articles:
Misemer: “Serial Critique: The Counterpublic of Wimmen’s Comix
Kopin: “‘With Apologies to The Old Masters’: Jack Jackson’s Citational Practice and the History of Comic Book History”
Kashtan: “Christmas Card from a Cat Dancer in Mipple City: Omaha the Cat Dancer and Midwestern Counterpublics”
Saguisag: “X-Rated: Childhood and the ‘Adults Only’ World of Underground Comix”
Galvan: “Adjacent Genealogies, Alternate Geographies: The Outliers of Underground Comix & World War 3 Illustrated

I’m very happy to see this out in the world. This whole conversation has been brewing for over three years, since Leah and I organized an MLA 2016 roundtable panel on the topic. It was thrilling to work with all of these on-point scholars as they further crafted their work, and there’s nothing quite like collaborating with Leah. I look forward to further conversations that these articles might inspire! You can read more about my piece here.