Note: I initially developed this resource guide for my Spring 2018 graduate seminar, “Graphic Archives,” which I taught in the English Department at the University of Florida. This course focused on “active theoretical conversations around radical archives and materials that have emerged over the past few years,” so the resources below skew heavily in that direction, prioritizing spaces of queer visual culture informed by my own archival research.

In using this guide, remember that the deadlines listed were gathered for the 2018 calendar year and can’t be counted on to remain valid in future years. The same goes for the links, as some archives create a new post when they announce the grant again in a following year. I will continue to tweak and add to this guide, so if you have information to share or see something that looks outdated, please be in touch.

Locating and researching in archives:

A place to start to look for archival materials is with the ArchiveGrid database, which contains “a million collection descriptions from thousands of libraries, museums, and archives.” This powerful database will let you search across finding guides that archives have made available to the ArchiveGrid database. As you’ll see as you search, there are ways to limit your search within a specific geography or even within a specific repository.

With ArchiveGrid, as with all of the archives below, not everything contained within an archive is fully cataloged, especially online. You will need to email an archivist to find out more information in order to plan your research visit(s). Consult the following resources for more information on locating and researching in archives:

Grant writing:

  1. Karen Kelsky, “Dr. Karen’s Foolproof Grant Template,”
  2. UF Grant Writing Services, including proposal review,
  3. Grants @ UF Digital Collection,

Non-exhaustive list of archives with research grants/fellowships:

Internal Grant opportunities for UF graduate students:

  1. January 5:
  2. January 31:
  3. First Monday in February:
  4. February 1:
  5. February 5:
  6. February 15:
  7. February 15:
  8. February 15:
  9. February 15:
  10. March 1:
  11. March 1:
  12. March 1:
  13. March 1:
  14. March 15/September 15:
  15. March 19:
  16. March 31:
  17. April 12:
  18. April 20:
  19. May 1:
  20. May 19:
  21. July 1/November 1 for Scholar in Residence:
  22. September 15:
  23. Various/September 28 (for Elmer L. Andersen):
  24. November 1:
  25. November 1:
  26. November 15:
  27. November 15:
  28. November 15/December 15:
  29. December 1:

Other relevant archives where grant info is unknown:

Grassroots/ish archives:

Relevant digital collections: