My article, “Adjacent Genealogies, Alternate Geographies: The Outliers of Underground Comix & World War 3 Illustrated,” has been published in “The Counterpublics of Underground Comics” issue of iNKS (2019) that Leah Misemer and I co-edited.
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Read the chapter abstract below:

This essay considers how histories of underground comix consistently marginalize women’s and gay series: Tits & Clits (1972–1987), Wimmen’s Comix (1972–1992), Gay Heart Throbs (1976–1981), and Gay Comix (1980–1998). Centralizing these overlooked series—collectively conceptualized as “outliers”—and examining how they participate in social movements redefines the bounds and values of the underground movement. Through this alternate periodization, this essay argues for the continuation of the underground in the World War 3 Illustrated (1979–present) political comics series and identifies how such comics enact activism beyond merely representing it within the work.