Below is a chronological overview of the various digital projects I have worked on. You can read more about the project as a whole by clicking the title or the link at the end of the description.

  • Assistant Developer, The CUNY Academic Commons, Fall 2016—Summer 2017
    I work on the development team of The CUNY Academic Commons, a WordPress platform that serves thousands of faculty and students across the City University of New York and acts as the foundation for other digital networks like the MLA Commons. I focus on streamlining user experience and am currently working on a comprehensive audit of themes and plugins in use on the platform, drawing on use data from other institutional WordPress platforms.
  • Project Manager, Mapping and Networking Alison Bechdel to Grassroots Periodical Culture, 1983-2008, Fall 2015—present
    This digital network and geographic mapping project visualizes cartoonist Alison Bechdel’s participation in grassroots periodicals she worked on and/or published her long-running Dykes to Watch Out For (DTWOF) comics series in. Because Bechdel published in 150+ periodicals over the course of DTWOF’s run (1983-2008), this project examines the evolution within periodical culture in an understudied period when changing political ideas led to the rise and fall of grassroots publications. I use Gephi to visualize Bechdel’s connections to other people working on the same periodical as her when she worked at WomaNews (1983-1985) and Equal Time (1986-1990). Additionally, I employ CARTO to map Bechdel’s own publication data to show where and when she published to study the national and international spread of her work. For my book contract with the University of Minnesota Press, I am in the process of developing interactive visualizations of these grassroots communities and others on the Manifold platformTo read a longer project description and timeline, click here.
  • Senior Instructional Technology Fellow, Macaulay Honors College, Fall 2014—Summer 2017
    As a Senior Instructional Technology Fellow (ITF), I mentor new ITFs and lead cross-campus digital projects. I develop digital curricula for new upper-level seminars and support curricula at all campuses by maintaining the Faculty website. I manage the Seminar 2 Encyclopedia as each ITF works with their seminar’s students to build a public-facing digital project incorporating original research about immigration in New York City. For more information, click here.
  • Instructional Technology Fellow, Macaulay Honors College at Brooklyn College, Fall 2011—Spring 2014
    As an ITF, I helped professors integrate technology-based projects into their pedagogical goals and taught these technologies and associated research skills to the students in full-class demonstrations and smaller sessions. I served as an ITF for sixteen undergraduate honors seminars at Brooklyn College. I deploy these curricula in my own classes, as well. I spearheaded the creation of the Brooklyn ITFs website where other ITFs and I would post our technology tutorials. I have facilitated public-facing student digital projects, including literary emagazines, interactive walking tours, and neighborhood research projects. To read more about the different honors seminars and projects I have created, click here.
  • Project Manager, A Reading Companion to Archiving the ‘80s, 2011—present
    Over the past five years, I have maintained a Tumblr where I post quotations from a variety of writers whose work relates to my research. I generously tag these quotations, so that I can later search for quotations within a given theoretical bent or that include a key term. In posting these quotations on Tumblr, a digital platform embraced by LGBT and radical folks, I participate in political conversations by disseminating these quotations from an earlier moment that remain relevant today. My post sharing an exchange between Audre Lorde and James Baldwin has been liked and reblogged over 1,500 times. To see the project, click here.
  • Coordinator of Education & Support, OpenCUNY, Fall 2010—Spring 2016
    I was a founding organizer and project manager of OpenCUNY, a WordPress platform that hosts over 500 websites of 800 graduate students on an annual budget of $20,000. OpenCUNY provides digital infrastructure for teaching and research. I worked both on the server level and at the social level, serving as the primary liaison to graduate student participants. I facilitated community on OpenCUNY, creating & developing, a repository of educational posts; maintaining a private digital archive of documents related to institutional memory; and penning each semester’s welcome message that details platform development and events. I trained two coordinators on server level operations and super admin capabilities within WordPress. Collaborating with these coordinators, we completed large projects to ensure the future of OpenCUNY, renewing our participatory governance document and redesigning our main website and affiliated websites. To read more, click here.

Last updated January 2017.