Here’s the basic process I employ every semester when I put together a reading list for a course. These steps help ensure that I have a diversity of texts that are accessible for my students.

1. Compile texts that are diverse in representation of characters and creators.
2. Choose from among these texts, selecting a number that students can access freely (through PDF or other means).
3. Confirm again that required texts for purchase remain in print (not a given with comics).
4. Check total cost for required texts, adjust accordingly (if it is too high), and put book order in with the campus bookstore.
5. Create course reserves for given course, and request book list through that interface, so that the library will purchase said books and put them on reserve for your course.
6. Go to the local library webpage, and request that they purchase any of your course books that they don’t already own, so that there will be additional copies available in the local area.
7. Let students know the various ways that they can access course texts. Require them to have access in class to course texts being discussed, but remind them that they need not purchase them and can check out/scan/share.