The visual is not just part of my research, but it is also a vital part of my arts practice. In her collage comics work What It Is (2008), Lynda Barry wonders why many people stop drawing as children and argues for a privileging of and return to a visual mode of thinking. Barry’s call spurs my work whenever I consciously sit down to create or begin an errant sketch alongside a block of text. In my research, I have found this embrace of the visual alongside the textual in the papers of Gloria E. Anzaldúa, who would illustrate her concepts in her notes and in transparencies for talks. My own visual work increasingly is inspired by the ideas and figures that drive my research. I most frequently create doodles and collages, the latter being a particularly apt medium for interrogating and reconfiguring the representation of women in visual culture. The images below represent a small portion of my work in visual mediums. To see more of my work, check out my Flickr. Also, take a look at my comics/zines here!