Collecting Comix in Movements
A small portion of the budding collection.

Help Me Build a Collection

I study comics in social movements, which has taken me to dozens of archives across the nation. I am now building a personal collection of grassroots newspapers and small press comix/comics/zines, which I actively share with my students in their coursework and draw upon in my public lectures and research. Physical copies help make real issues of scale and replicate the reading experience.

I am searching for folks who are willing to donate or direct me to cost-effective ways that I can build this collection. Many grassroots publications do not circulate on eBay, so this call often depends on someone’s goodwill combined with their desire to clean out their basement. If you’d like to learn more about this area of my research, check out my published writing, some of which will feed into my second book project. If you’d like to invite me to give a talk about comics in social movements, click here.

Thanks are due to the following people for their generosity in donating materials to the collection:

  • Jack Gieseking for some early 90s issues of the X-Men.
  • Carrie Hintz for assorted issues of Leanne Franson’s Liliane.
  • Andy Kunka for a vintage issue of Little Lulu.
  • Zack Kruse of Pictures Within Pictures for assorted issues of Jack T. Chick’s Chick Tracts along with a few other comics.
  • Osvaldo Oyola of The Middle Spaces for Pork Roasts: 250 Feminist Cartoons (1981).
  • Maggie Rehm for some issues of Maize and a fairly complete collection of Lesbian Connections in the ‘90s & ‘00s.
  • Dan Yezbick for the following underground comics: Girl Fight Comics #1 (1972); Melody #1 and #3 (1989); World War 3 Illustrated #14 (1991), #15 (1991), and #33 (2002)
  • Rachael House, Jaromir Stoll, & Maxine Worthy for copies of their comics zines.

I am searching for all potential titles, but some that are particularly desired are:

  • Adventures of A-Girl
  • The Adventures of Baby Dyke
  • Atomic Love
  • Big Mama Rag (Denver)
  • Boy Trouble
  • BoyCrazyBoy
  • Brat Attack
  • Christopher Street (NYC)
  • Common Lives/Lesbian Lives (Iowa City)
  • Concerned Müthers
  • Cross-Talk
  • Dragnett
  • DUMB
  • East Village Eye (NYC)
  • Equal Time (Minneapolis-St. Paul)
  • Gay Community News (Boston)
  • Gayforce
  • GirlJock
  • Ginger
  • Heresies (NYC)
  • Holy Titclamps
  • Homozone 5
  • Hot Wire
  • Hothead Paisan
  • Lana’s World
  • Lesbian Cartoonists Network newsletter
  • Lesbian Connection
  • Lesbian Contradiction
  • Lesbian News
  • Liliane
  • Meatmen
  • Nervous Energy
  • off our backs
  • OH…
  • On Our Backs
  • Out in Comics
  • Queer Zine Explosion
  • QZ
  • Red Hanky Panky
  • Sanimag
  • Strange Looking Exile
  • Tits & Clits
  • Valley Women’s Voice (MA)
  • Washington Blade (DC)
  • WomaNews (Gainesville & NYC)
  • World War 3 Illustrated

Contact me directly via margaretgalvan at with any leads or questions.