On March 22, 2017, I spoke alongside comics scholar Ramzi Fawaz and cartoonists Phil Jimenez and Jennifer Camper about queer studies and LGBTQ representation in comics. Each of us presented briefly about our research and work and fielded a number of questions from the lively audience. This video is available via the Strand Book Store’s YouTube channel.

The panel description, as posted on the Strand’s website, promises:
“Join a panel of brilliant artists, writers, and academics for a discussion of the changing landscape of comics, including the influence of LGBTQ creators in the medium and the increasing interest in queer comics scholarship. From the radical imaginations that posited new identities and alliances across difference in mainstream superhero comics like The X-Men and The New Mutants, to the underground comix gurus who printed zines that shaped a generation of punks and pioneers, we’ll trace the intersections of LGBTQ culture, queer theory and comics history. Along the way, we’ll consider the creative evolution and outlooks of LGBTQ comics creators themselves. Panelists Ramzi Fawaz (Assistant Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Madison), Phil Jimenez (pioneering artist and writer at DC Comics), Margaret Galvan (scholar of contemporary women’s visual print culture) and Jennifer Camper (cartoonist and founding director of the biennial Queers & Comics Conference) will dive into all this and more for a high-flying and energetic discussion of comics’ queer history and the future of the medium.”